Over Two Decades Of Geoengineering Experiments


X marks the spot!!! Actual photo taken on 12/31/03, just before sundown near the Delray Beach - Boca Raton line.


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This website was started in 2003 with the above picture and a "fictional" work I had put together.  Back then (and still now in parts of the mass media), this aerosol spraying was considered to be a "conspiracy theory."  They (those without eyes) would say, "No one was spraying the skies with aerosol chemicals ... that is in your imagination."   But those who can see were powerful voices who, like myself, were questioning what was going on.  They say we made the mistake of calling them "chemtrails" because the corporate entities and their controlled media would do their usual laughing tin foil hat wearing "conspiracy theory" rant.   Yet, there was a powerful and growing alternative media growing on the internet and a few over-the-air radio stations that would question things and field inquiries on this subject.  Back in 2003 we were getting sprayed on a fairly consistent basis, almost daily.  They even got bold with the X patterns and checkerboard patterns.  It was so obvious, yet most people would not notice.  It was right there, hidden in plain sight.   But then, a ray of hope was allowed to pass through the information war.  One night on the nationally syndicated radio program Coast To Coast AM, host George Noory took a call from "a lady in Boca Raton" who spoke of the massive, daily spraying of our area.  Listening to her speak on this program, to confirm the things I've been saying all along ... I knew I was no longer alone.  There were others who also could see.  But what happened next showed the true power of her message.  They stopped bombing us for just about 3 months.  For 3 months the skies were blue again, well, almost.  They had let up for awhile, them returned to spraying, but at night when it was harder to see ... so less obvious.  They were forced into hiding their despicable deeds.   And of course, over time, they resumed spraying during the day.  And never really stopped since then.  There seemed to be a pattern, few days on, few days off, they had a real fondness for spraying on the weekend (when more people spent time outdoors - and they are particularly fond of spraying on holidays).

         Even today, all these years later, it is still hard to convince people to "look up" and see for themselves.  After years of denying this was happening THEY (the IPC, SRMGI, AMEG, David Keith and John Holdren) finally opened up to speak on and publish a few papers on the geoengineering of our atmosphere.  These geoengineering projects, by their admissions, mostly involve 2 programs (that we know of).  These programs of solar obscuration (blocking out the sun) are called SAG (Stratospheric  Aerosol Engineering) and SRM (Solar Radiation Management).  They "say" they use these programs for the reduction of global warming.   A couple of decades into all this spraying ... you feel any cooler?  For years they tried to say these contrails or chemtrails were only normal condensation trails.   But we knew that normal condensation trails would dissipate after a few seconds or a minute.  But the vapor trails of these airplanes were not normal condensation trails.  They would linger in the skies for hours, spreading out over the sky turning it a grayish white, eventually this "aircrap" falls to the earth.   These aerosols are made up of several chemical nanoparticles (nanoparticulates, fine microscopic particles of the metals they are spraying).  So, "what in the world are they spraying?" is the question being asked.  The analysis of the chemicals that fall to the earth are comprised mostly of aluminum oxide, barium, strontium and manganese.  As they fall to earth these chemicals pollute our air, water and soil.  As we breathe in the aluminum is it absorbed through our  blood brain barrier influencing Alzheimer's Disease (among other things) while the barium effects our heart functions and most of us know strontium as a cancer causing agent.   So what's the big deal if people with weaker immune systems should fall victim to this poisoning?  If the perpetrators of this crime were being honest they would argue that there are too many people on earth and they need to control the population.

They never asked our permission.  Don't they have a responsibility to inform us of exactly what they are spraying and why?  Yes, they do.  Under U.S. Code, Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1520a (see "poison" link above)  they do have to inform us.  The problem is, no one is asking them to.  Congress is totally asleep (rather corrupted and compromised) on the issue of aerosol spraying and geoengineering.   If Congress did tell them to stop they would deny the entire geoengineering thing, they would lie and nothing would change.  Their geoengineering programs, thus far, have not worked.  They have only managed to make things warmer for us inside this chemical canopy, exposing us to a greenhouse effect of sorts, trapping in the warm air.  Their motives could actually go way beyond geoengineering into the realms of causing massive negative health effects, destruction of or our food industry (requiring the use of Monsanto's aluminum resistant seeds) ... a myriad of population control agendas, which include vaccines, designer diseases, more wars ... I think you get the point.  

What do we do?  Keep informing others of what is going on.  Get educated - do your own research.  Don't rely on the major media for your source of news and information.   If possible, form groups of like minded, informed citizens and speak out against these atrocities.  Inform congress and insist that they act to STOP the aerosol spraying and to vote against any bill that supports geoengineering.  They now have apps for your smart phone that will allow to forward any pictures of aerosol spraying over your area to your congress persons (see the link inside the "Look Up" documentary preview on the Links page).  



Chemtrails Over Boca Raton - The Screenplay That Oliver Stone Needs To Read*

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